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In Budapest there are 2863 outdoor public lighting control cabinets manufactured by KÖZVILLSZER Kft.


KÖZVILLSZER Kft was founded in 1981. Our two main activities are lighting engineering and outdoor cabinet manufacturing.

In the field of lighting, we design, build and operate indoor and outdoor lighting, and since 1985 we have been cooperating with SITECO GmbH. luminaire manufacturing company, with their luminaires we can achieve a very high level of design and construction.

We design and manufacture GEYER electrical distribution and control cabinets.

From 1986, on behalf of the Budapest Electric Works Co., our company provided the flat-rate operation of a significant part of the public lighting in the capital. In Budapest there are 2863 outdoor public lighting control cabinets manufactured by KÖZVILLSZER Kft. We first started our self-financed energy rationalization program back in 1989, where our client was the Mayor’s Office of the capital.

In addition to public lighting, we have implemented several successful lighting upgrades: in educational institutions, hospitals, public institutions, sports halls, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, football playgrounds, center courts, industrial halls, car parks, churches, hotels and decorative lighting. We have designed and built lighting for several sports facilities, making them suitable for television broadcasts (for example, Alfréd Hajós Swimming Pool – 2013 Water Polo Championship, Olympic Center Gymnasium).

Our general on-site and workshop electrical installation activities are also significant.

It is outstanding by the German GEYER GmbH engaged in the domestic design, installation, installation and distribution of outdoor electrical cabinets, switchgear and distribution equipment. The well-known outdoor GEYER electric current meter cabinet family has been expanded to include the 800A and 1000A families. Our indoor and outdoor GEYER electrical distribution and power distribution cabinets are licensed by the power supply companies, which greatly simplifies the work of designers and contractors.

Our products are well known in the industry and in the wholesale field, and we regularly hold professional presentations to which we invite designers, key professional users, and wholesale and retailers. In addition, we are constantly involved in the tenders announced by the big user companies, where we participate with the equipment we produce. Additionally, in 2018, we will begin assembling high-current installation equipment with six specially trained technicians.

Our trade relations extend beyond the borders, we have professional and commercial work and relations with the FAK countries.

Within the field of lighting technology, we are engaged in modernizing urban public lighting, supplying control cabinets and manufacturing distribution cabinets for communal cable networks. The luminaire manufacturer has developed LED luminaires to the highest standard, and thanks to the segment mirror system, we can design and build uniform and glare-free lighting. In the area of urban public lighting, after modernization, we can achieve quality lighting improvements with significant energy savings.

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