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Pilot street lighting project with Elmű in Visegrad

A pilot street lighting project launched by ELMŰ

The Visegrad project aims to provide the municipality with a model and assistance for a possible future street lighting modernisation project.

In the framework of the demonstration project, five LED luminaire manufacturers (distributors) were invited by Elmű to propose four to four LED luminaires for a randomly selected road section, based on pre-defined street lighting specifications. The road section was originally equipped with 70W Zafir luminaires (sodium) from Tungsram-Schréder.

The manufacturers (distributors) determined the type of luminaire used in light of the location and requirements. In the experiment, LED luminaires from Közvillszer Ltd., Tungsram-Schréder Plc., Hofeka Ltd., Hungaro Lux Light Ltd. and Tracon Electric Ltd. were installed:

  • 1. szakasz: Közvillszer Ltd. SITECO 5XC2C41C08HA 52W P1.0a
  • 2. szakasz: Tungsram-Schréder Plc. VOLTANA 2/16LED/56W/5900lm/NW/5102/GeSmFl
  • 3. szakasz: Hofeka Ltd. Tweet S1 2BLSB12 ERS 600mA 47W 4000 K
  • 4. szakasz: Hungaro Lux Light Ltd. PearlLight 24-60
  • 5. szakasz: Tracon Electric Ltd. LSJB50W

As part of the experiment, Elmű will also carry out comparative lighting measurements between the old and new luminaires. It is expected that the LED luminaires will remain installed for a longer period as part of the demonstration project to gain sufficient practical experience, Elmű said, adding that they also want to hear the public’s opinion.

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